RG Graph X Design is a Veteran Owned business that is a full-service design and multi-media agency. Our mission is simple; To create, develop, build, and design what our customers need to be able to impress, interact, and connect with their customers through branding their vision, voice, values, and visuals.

Our dedication is in and not limited to logo design, branding, marketing, printed material for all your business and personal needs, photography, web design, and development, illustrations, videos, social media, apparel, vehicle wraps, and swag.

Robert Griese the owner of RG Graph X Design, standing with his family

Our Services

Logo Design:

We as a company sit down with you and discuss what type of business you have (or want to start) and we listen to you about what type of logo you are thinking about. (Throughout this whole process we are listening to your voice, the vision of your business and the values you have towards your business). This becomes our starting point of creation and by the end of our process you have a logo that your proud of, and know it represents your company fully.

Printed Material:

Printed material is everything that you will hand to potential customers from business cards, pamphlets, brochures, Tri-folds, Menus, Catalogs, to Door Hangers. We also print posters on high gloss or canvas paper, blueprints, maps, calendars plus a whole lot more. Like everything else that we do we discuss what type of medium you want and especially sizes you want, because we know that everyone is different and their styles represent them.


Apparel is a great way to get your brand out there so everyone can see and remember. RG Graph X Design offers many different types of apparel. From screen printing, heat press, direct to film, direct to garment and embroidery. Each one will get you noticed and remembered by the people who you are in front of all day. And for our customers who have small budgets we have solution for them also.

Swag / Promotional Items:

These are the things that keep your customers on their mind every time they see them. From coffee cup, coasters, patches, key chains, mouse pads, pens and many more items (the list just keeps on going). We make sure that we express your brand just like you want (colors, typography, and logos) so a small gift can go a long way to building that customer clientele that you want.

Website Design and Development:

Just like your logo design we sit down with you and discuss the many different styles of websites, (Is it Commerce, General Knowledge, Blog, Non-profit, even just a gallery site). All of these can be a site that gets in front of your demographics that your trying to reach. Our extensive process of asking the right questions are key to make this happen. So your site can be found by the demographics your trying to reach.

Digital Business Cards:

At RG Graph X Design we know and truly understand that a lot of us are on the go everyday. And at times we can forget the simple things (Like refilling business cards). So we designed a digital business card which gives the user and the end user all the control that they want. These digital business cards are on your phone as image (png) that once the customer scans it it gives them all your information at there finger tips. With linkable phone, email, website, google map of your location, hours of business a downloadable VCF file that can be added to their contacts. Great alternative to the paper business cards.

Stickers and Decals:

RG Graph X Design does know the power that stickers and decals can offer. So we offer them in full color graphic to single color depending upon your need and your budget. Just like creating your logo or website we work with directly to create that sticker(s) or decal(s) that match your business needs and for what you are trying to accomplish with reaching your customer basis. Even if it is only one to a few hundred we can get them made for you in a timely manner.

Vehicle Wraps:

This is one of the best ways to be in front of new customers all day when your driving around meeting with your existing customers. When your vehicle is wrap you are driving your own billboard around letting everyone know who you are, what you do, how to connect with you, and what you offer.

Some of our customers

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